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06 Jun

8 Good Reasons Not to Use OSCommerce

Many people are looking for the perfect e-commerce system to help them expand their business online. I know, I work with many jewelry and gourmet food clients each day, and they all want an easy to use and customize program. Well, I prefer Magento, even though it can also get a little hairy, it is so much better than OSCommerce.

21 May

How To: Backup Your Database in phpMyAdmin

This tutorial teaches you how to backup your database to a file, using phpMyAdmin. We will be going through cPanel.

Wordpress and E-Commerce

With people of today becoming more tech savvy, online shopping will be the craze of the age that is complimented suitably by an ecommerce website design. One can view and purchase the product of their option just by sitting at home.

Install PayPal Website Payments Standard for OSCommerce

Paypal, an easier way to pay. How can you integrate your Paypal account with your OSCommerce store? Here are the many, but easy steps you need to take to make sure your online store operates smoothly with Paypal.

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