About Developerz Block

Hello! I'm Renee, the main designer and developer of Developerz Block. I graduated from Technical Career Institute with an Associate's degree in Computer Science and from Mercy College, with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Here at Developerz Block, we understand how hard it can be to become a successful web designer, print designer, or web developer (or more). DB is run by students who have excelled at learning the programs needed to make your job easier, and we want to pass on the knowledge to you.

Tutorials at DB focus mostly on web development issues, but we also reach into design solutions. We too have gone through those many classes that have required us to create websites but at the same time needed us to keep our design skills on hand.

Adobe CS4, CS5 and CS6 programs, online solutions such as Magento, OSCommerce, Wordpress, Joomla; and coding issues with PHP, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, HTML, are just some of the topics we can and will cover.

So come in and learn, share, and pass that class!


Help us college students purchase our textbooks and Ramen noodles! And to help keep our site up and running.


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