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What if you lost all your sites content?

In internet marketing at the moment allot of the money that can be made is from selling content or information online. For people trying to make a living selling information from their site, about the worst feeling in the world is finding out someone has managed to access their website's content without paying for it. Protecting content from unauthorized access is among the top priorities of every online business and having a membership site can help prevent that from happening.

Investment in Security

Working with a WordPress site, creating a membership area is relatively easy and, when considering the cost of lost sales, can be an investment in your site's security. A membership site can also be used for secure communication with others while protecting your intellectual assets from prying eyes. But seriously if you run a site at the moment and you want to protect the goods of the content on that site then you need to invest in allot of security or simple get a membership site.

Let's say you sell internet content and have several people working for you writing content articles. You can have a membership site strictly for your writers. This is so powerful because it allows you to have your own little hub of work and projects that the article writer have to complete. Another membership site can be established for your clients where they can submit orders or review articles they have requested. This site is also controlled by user ids and passwords.

Protecting Your Article Library

You might also have a storehouse of information available for sale online and you can offer free access to a certain amount of information to allow potential customers to peruse your available content, but if they choose to buy something, they have to be registered in your membership site in order to access the full content of the information.

Beyond that, your visitors can be given snippets of your information, but in order to gain full access, you can charge them a fee to view the rest of the content. Whether you charge a fee for one-time use or on a monthly basis can be established in your membership site and those not willing to pay for the information are blocked from access.

Membership most powerful feature of all is the ability to set up different membership levels and allow and disallow different members to different area's automatically. If you have a business with several people working on a project, you can limit their access to only the section of the project on which they are working. This is great because it keeps your workers working on what they are good at, and there side of the project.

Of course you can give a user access to 2 or 3 membership levels in the one membership site or all of them, and only some of the membership site software and plug ins allows you to track and see what member was in what area for how long.

Some of the available software can also provide alerts if it detects access by someone not authorized to visit a secure site. This can occur if someone shares their user id and password with unauthorized users, as it can track the IP address of each computer entering the site. The alert allows you to block access to that user id until the issue is resolved.

Best Membership Site for Content Protection

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