Drupal vs Joomla Content Management System

With the emergence of open source content management systems, Drupal and Joomla have been the first choice of web developers. Both Drupal and Joomla have their followers. Reason for their sustainability in the market is that they provide ready to use modules and framework to the website.

When it comes to CMS web development, Drupal is much more flexible but the interface of Drupal is complicated and does not support for free modules properly. Addition of Drupal themes take longer time. On the other hand Joomla has simplified interface and easy deployment. Joomla supports multi-lingual characteristic. You can also add modules of Joomla easily. Joomla is easy to operate and implement.

Joomla helps to design website with professional look but it is slow, categorized and have limited options. But it is reverse in case of Drupal. Drupal provides website designing with unlimited fast options that can be used to enrich the performance of the website but with less professional look.

In Drupal development, external integration is much better than in Joomla. Back end support with Drupal is of low quality but with Joomla is quite effective and well functioning. Drupal supports for multimedia and if anyone is designing website for blogging or a social networking site Drupal would be a good option.

Drupal based website has great search engine functionality which helps to Drupal to place one level upper than Joomla development. If you are designing a website for a small business you can switch to Joomla. As Joomla is very non technical. On the other hand Drupal is full of technical. If you want to design your website you need to get technical knowledge. As Drupal is very much sophisticated as compared to Joomla.

In Drupal, unlimited user permission can be created but in case of Joomla only three users level can be created. Availability of Drupal themes and templates is less in comparison to Joomla. Therefore, Drupal is poor in case of design while Joomla is rich.

Its up to you how you make choice between Drupal and Joomla Content Management System. The choice in between these CMS is purely depends on the requirements of the website to be designed. But before designing the website you must go through above mentioned pros and cons of Drupal and Joomla CMS web design software.

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