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Directional Light

In Maya, is used to simulate sun rays. It emits parallel light rays from far away from a chosen point in space.

Dot Gain

Many variables - from ink to paper surface and press used - affect the size of halftone dots. A certain amount of dot gain, or increase in halftone dot size, occurs naturally when wet ink spreads as it's absorbed by the paper. If too much dot gain occurs, images and colors print darker than specified.

Dot gain is one of the characteristics taken into account when color-management systems are applied.


An abbreviation for dots per inch. Refers to th resolution at whic a device, such as a monitor or printer, can display text and graphics.

Drop Shadow

a visual effect used in web design to create the illusion of a shadow behind an object. The object appears to be raised above other objects behind it, as if the object were floating on the page. Drop shadows are a technique used in user interface to help objects still out and be more visible to the user. When done well, a drop shadow can help an object appear 3D, while increasing the beauty of the design.

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