How To: Backup Your Database in phpMyAdmin

This tutorial teaches you how to backup your database to a file, using phpMyAdmin. We will be going through cPanel.

  1. Login to cPanel (Or whatever backend hosting platform you have).

    You should have this login from your Web Hosting account. Call them up or email them if you have forgotten your login.

  2. Scroll down to the Databases section. One of the options should be phpMyAdmin. Click that.phpMyAdmin

  3. You are now in phpMyAdmin. Here is where all of the information you collect resides, such as email addresses, customer account information, set options, etc. You do not usually have to see this area, but sometimes you may have to backup the database yourself.

  4. Look to the left, where under the title of phpMyAdmin there is a list. Sometimes your account can have more than one database. Locate the name of the database that you are looking to backup. You most likely have to click the plus sign beside the account name, then locate the database. Click once on the database when you have found it.Find Database

  5. Turn your attention to the top menu. Find Export, and click that.Find Export in phpMyAdmin

  6. Automatically selected for the Export Method is Quick - display only the minimal options. Normally this is just fine for backing up any database. Click Go at the bottom.Export Database

  7. Your database is downloaded and is most likely sent to your computer's download folder. Locate that file and save it somewhere save. Try saving it with a date in the file name so that in case you backup more than once, you can remember which is which. Remember, file creation, modification and view dates can sometimes be reset when transferring files between computers.

Hopefully that's it! Remember, be careful with your file and be careful in phpMyAdmin. If you do not know what you are doing, you can really mess things up for your site.

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