Coding Conflicts

Coding Conflicts

This is where the mother-load of website problems occur. Programming can become a pain without help and study. View some great HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Actionscript, Javascript, & JQuery tutorials here.

Problem: How to Remove Tooltips From Links

Anchor tag title attributes. I know you hate them. But hey! You would think that they're helpful, and in most cases should be helpful when regarding accessibility. However, the title attribute is useless for touch screen users or keyboard-only users. What's worse, the title tag is not read aloud by screen readers. So what are they for?

Problem: ‘Console’ is undefined Error

Problem: ‘Console’ is undefined Error

Great, a new JavaScript problem. Better yet, a new Internet Explorer AND Firefox problem.

So I ran into this error while ensuring a site was great on all browsers. Of course, everything else was finally fine, but here's a new problem.

Displaying a Random Div Per Page Load

So why would someone want to display a random div per page load? Well, for one of the websites I worked on, I wanted to have a different product advertisement everytime a person reloaded the page, went to a similar page, or even just came back to that page through a bookmark or something similar. I did not want to grab some type of plugin. and so we figured this one out through Javascript.

Make Your Own Random Quote Generator

Ever wanted to create your own random quotes area? Here's a quick and simple Javascript setup for that, where you create an array of quotes, calculate the index, then tell your browser to display them.

Welcome To Javascript II

Today we're going to learn about variables, operators and functions. All the basic stuff. Read on! And take the review questions to mind from "Welcome to Javascript I".


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