Coding Conflicts

Coding Conflicts

This is where the mother-load of website problems occur. Programming can become a pain without help and study. View some great HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Actionscript, Javascript, & JQuery tutorials here.

A Timed Javascript Re-Direct

Many times you may want to redirect to a different web page after a few seconds has passed. Good reasons to do this is to allow a visitor to read a couple of sentences before moving on, to allow your site to gather info without boring the user, or to go away from a splash page or ad page. Redirects keep users from having to guess where to go next as well.

Welcome To Javascript

Hey! This is a small, short and quick introduction to Javascript. Enjoy!

How To: Backup Your Database in phpMyAdmin

This tutorial teaches you how to backup your database to a file, using phpMyAdmin. We will be going through cPanel.

Terminal Shortcuts

A quick shortcut key and command list for Terminal on the mac.

Problem: SSL Certificate Name Mismatch

Ever get an SSL error? Sometimes there are problems with SSL certificates, even though you have entered the information correctly, or even if you don't have one at all! Here is one problem you can have with SSL.


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