Coding Conflicts

Coding Conflicts

This is where the mother-load of website problems occur. Programming can become a pain without help and study. View some great HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Actionscript, Javascript, & JQuery tutorials here.

CSS Listing Styles

Everyone creates lists. Whether its a grocery list or a list of people you dislike, there's always a use for a list. This includes writing on the internet. The tags <ol> (ordered list) and <ul> (unordered list) help create a sort of casing for your list and the tag <li> is each item that you are listing.

How to Use @font-face in CSS

@font-face, the amazing font replace-r for web browsers. When you are tired of looking at Arial, call on @font-face! When you need a script font and you cannot deal with Times New Roman in italics, call on @font-face! When you cannot make Verdana's font weight any lighter for a clean looking font, what will you call upon? @font-face!

Displaying a Random Div Per Page Load

So why would someone want to display a random div per page load? Well, for one of the websites I worked on, I wanted to have a different product advertisement everytime a person reloaded the page, went to a similar page, or even just came back to that page through a bookmark or something similar. I did not want to grab some type of plugin. and so we figured this one out through Javascript.

A Timed Javascript Re-Direct

Many times you may want to redirect to a different web page after a few seconds has passed. Good reasons to do this is to allow a visitor to read a couple of sentences before moving on, to allow your site to gather info without boring the user, or to go away from a splash page or ad page. Redirects keep users from having to guess where to go next as well.

How to Force Reload an Animated GIF in Firefox & Wordpress

So as you may know, we are students on a mission to help you. Even if we had Masters or PHds, we will always be students, always learning. One seemingly simple and old problem we came across (and are still learning about) were animated GIFs in browsers.


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