USPS Plugin for VirtueMart 2.0

Everyone is looking for a VirtueMart shipping plugin that works. So are we. However, for now we are provided with a USPS shipping plugin from

Unfortunatiely we have not tested it yet, but it is the only one out there. It goes for 47.60€ or $63.42, plus tax. Here's the link:

USPS Shipping Plugin for VirtueMart 2.0 and Joomla 1.x-2.x

It's crazy that this great e-commerce system (and honestly it's pretty good except for the shipping issue) isn't prepared with a real time UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS plugin encoded inside from the get go.

We also found that this site is also developing for VirtueMart 2.0, but are not yet finished. sign up to their mailing list to be alerted for when it will be done:

DCJ Cool Tools Comment:

"At the moment, our shipping modules are only supported by VirtueMart 1.1.x and Joomla! 1.5. However, we are currently developing a VirtueMart 2.0 and Joomla! 1.7 compatible version. I can't give you an exact time frame at the moment, but we hope to have it complete in the next month. We will be sure to let you know when it becomes available"


0 #1 Chuck Mezan 2013-04-16 06:03
We have recently developed a Virtuemart USPS shipping module for VM 2.0 on a commercial license for $24.95.

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