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How To: Add Open Graph and Twitter Card Meta Tags to Joomla

I am so sick of searching through that Joomla Extension directory. Even though they've updated the site for better search, it still takes a lot of testing various plugins to get the right one. And some of them can crash your site. Compared to OSCommerce Addon directory (which has been the same for years! Still the same mess!) it is great, but compared to WordPress's plugin directory, it is still put to shame. In my opinion.


There is now a whole slew of plugins in the Joomla Extension directory for adding Open Graph and Twitter Cards to your site. Click the button below!

Get Open Graph Plugins


Some glorious person/company has created a free plugin for Joomla that creates Open Graph Meta Tags for Virtuemart and regular Joomla! You don't even have to read this article! Woohoo! Thanks, Abhishek Das!

Get The VM OG Meta Tag Plugin

How to Transfer Products Through the Database for VM 2.0.8e on Joomla 1.5 to VM 3.0.2 on Joomla 3.3.6

So I noticed that VirtueMart experts and developers place documentation for how to transfer products from an old installation of VirtueMart on their sites and in the forums, however, they do not realize that their instructions aren't exactly clear for everyone.


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