Install PayPal Website Payments Standard for OSCommerce

Paypal, an easier way to pay. How can you integrate your Paypal account with your OSCommerce store? Here are the many, but easy steps you need to take to make sure your online store operates smoothly with Paypal.

Set Up Your Paypal Account

Create or login into your Paypal account. Make sure that the email you have chosen is one that you view often so you can check on new store orders. For the new profile, go to Profile» More Options» My Settings and on the right, click Block Payments. For the old profile go to Profile» More Options and on the right, click Payment Receiving Preferences. (Paypal should now fully be using the new profile)

Here you can have specific types of incoming payments blocked and/or converted from certain currencies. You can block buyers under 18 and add an instructions to seller box on the payment page. Lastly, you can input the name of your company that people will see on debit/credit card statements in the Credit Card Statement Name boxes. Make sure to click Save.

Now go down on the right and choose Instant Payment Notifications (either profile view). From here you can have Paypal send you emails as soon as you get an order processed. Insert your URL with the following directory:
Example: . Click Save.

Now go to Website Payment Preferences. Your Auto Return URL is http://your Ex:

Set Payment Data Transfer to off unless you have Paypal Pro. Encrypted Website Payments can be set to off since Paypal through OSCommerce keeps transactions safe. Paypal Account Optional should turned be off. In order to get your order details, it is better that the customer has a Paypal account. Contact Telephone Number should be off as customers could have possibly already given their number in their account on your website.

Unless you are using Express Checkout, turn Support Giro and Bank Transfer Payments to off. Make sure to click Save.

Optional: Go to Custom Payment Page Styles on the old profile view and Custom Payment Pages on the new profile view. You are allowed add your logo, change the color of the page, and add customer options.

Set Up Your Store

First off make sure your OSCommerce installation is installed with the language you plan to use. Also, make sure your store location and currency type is set as well. This makes sure that you do not mess up sales on your site with the wrong tax information or wrong currency.

When in OSCommerce, go to the left tabs and select Configuration» My Store. Insert your correct Country and Zone, to set the location for proper tax rates.

Decide whether you have products that need tax information on it. At the bottom, set the decimal places to pad the tax in your location. If you do not have any products that include tax, set the value to 0. Next, set Display Prices with Tax to choose whether to display tax or not.

Go to Locations» Taxes and set the country and zone for your shop's tax, if you charge tax. Then set the the zones, rates and classes.

Now setup your currency. Whatever you set here will be passed to your Paypal account so make sure it is correct. Go to Localization to choose which ones you will accept. Set the language you want, add as many as you need.

Now lets set up the Paypal module.

Setting up PayPal in osCommerce

Go to Modules» Paypal Website Payments Standard . Install and then click edit. Click True where it says to enable the module. Take the email address that you use to login to your Paypal account and insert it into the Email Address box.

You may or may not need to set a payment zone. Certain areas only accept a specific type of currency.

Set the Order Status to Preparing [PayPal Standard] and PayPal Acknowledged Orders Status to Processing.

When testing your Paypal integration, set the Gateway Server to Sandbox. When done, put it as Live and then set the transaction method to sale. Authorization makes Paypal take the time to check the validity of the sale, while Sale immediately processes the order.

Set your page style to whatever you called your Custom Page Style in Insert an email address in Debug E-Mail Address to something that you check regularly or your developer's email. Do not use the same email as your Paypal account.

Sort order of Display matters when you have more than one payment option such as or one of the other Modules on the list. If you have more than one, give Paypal a number that will place it on your page, above or below another payment method. 0 is the highest number, so it will be placed first, others will be placed last.

The rest is for those who would like to ultra encrypt their Paypal module. It is unneeded to fill it out. However if you have that information, feel free.

Good Luck! Leave questions below.

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